How safe is your mail client

Choosing a hosting service from a security perspective
May 9, 2020
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How safe is your mail client

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With the advances in hacking technologies, it is now very easy for people without the knowledge of programming to hack a target. Zimbabwe is not an exception and lately, we have been receiving information from individuals and companies who would have their machines hacked and they often realise it when it’s too late. The easiest form of hacking would be for a hacker to install some malicious software on the target machine. The malicious script would log usernames and passwords that the user logs in for their bank details, server login details, and other information.

The following is an image from numerous sources in Zimbabwe and the email is allegedly from a local back. In reality, the hacker has spoofed the email address of a local bank and the client unknowingly tried to open the file attachment and in the process installed the malicious script.


This could easily be identified by end-point encryption software installed on the client’s machine. With the growing number of cyber breaches in the country, it is high time that it becomes law for users of the cyberspace to securely protect their infrastructure because this same machine might find its way to a local network of the Ministry of ICT and ultimately lead to a lot of complications.


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