Choosing a hosting service from a security perspective

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May 1, 2020
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Choosing a hosting service from a security perspective

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Most companies will naturally opt to use a shared hosting service for their websites and the hosting service providers normally have the necessary expertise, resources to host a website with up time of more than 99 %. A major issue that a person choosing a hosting service looks at is the cost of the hosting service and some clients will opt for the cheaper hosting packages.

These cheaper hosting packages some as low as 1US$ per month normally have very weak security protocols and your website, emails will be prone to hacking multiple times a month and this would compromise your information. Once an account is compromised the website will be down for some time and this is bad for business.


A good hosting service should be able to secure accounts of their clients and in the event that there is an intrusion it should be able to identify the compromised files, isolate the threat and stop any access into the compromised files and limit it to trusted users including the administrator. An example of a log file from a reputable hosting service is given below :


The hosting service should offer to clean up the infection or to let the administrator handle the malware. The best approach would be for the administrator to handle the malware and take steps of hardening the security of the website and also the machines that they use to access the hosting servers. My next issue will look at how to harden the security of a WordPress website the content management system powering more than half the websites on the internet. I will also have look at an issue exploring some free internet and anti-virus software that administrators can use to make sure than no one in snooping on there activities.




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